We quickly secure stable income from trading algorithms on the cryptocurrency market

Our goal is to expand our current backbone, consisting of Bitcoin and Ethereum futures and options, into more types of cryptocurrencies and exchanges.
Blockchain technology is relatively new and we believe that it will change the future. We want to be at the forefront of these developments, create new ways to use blockchain technology, and help develop innovative software in the process.
We use complicated mathematical formulas to improve the speed and accuracy of derivatives trading with a network that spans the globe. To facilitate our business applications, we use top-tier hardware.
The BlockTech culture is best described as highly collaborative, where your efforts and input directly shape business outcomes in multiple ways.
Focus on the macroeconomic environment, often concentrating on currencies, commodities, or major movements in interest rates. The strategy can take advantage of fundamental and/or technical data.

neutral stock market

This strategy, also known as statistical arbitrage, involves trading pairs of stocks (buying one and selling another), which generally makes the strategy neutral in the direction of the market.

convertible arbitration

Focuses on price anomalies between convertible bonds and underlying stocks and/or stock options.

Fixed Income Arbitration

It exploits anomalies between related bonds, often with high leverage.

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

Traders use high powered computers to take advantage of price discrepancies between multiple platforms/exchanges with a large number of transactions occurring in a fraction of a second.

Managed volatility

These strategies use futures and forward contracts to focus on generating lower but stable LIBOR absolute returns, adjusting the number of contracts dynamically as the underlying volatilities of stocks, bonds and other markets change.