Financial Instrument Loan Program

This program is offered by Green Interbanks mainly for Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing and Infrastructure Development Projects.

Program Highlights :

LFC provides 100% Debt Finance for viable projects against acceptable Financial Instrument (guarantee should amount to 100% of total project cost (loan principal) plus interest. Minimum US$500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand), no maximum limit. Funds can be used for Governmental, Semi-Governmental or private commercial projects.Debt finance can be provided for projects located anywhere in the world except those countries that are under financial embargo by UN/IMF/USA:

No funds are provided for any defense military project.

LFC has also a special debt finance program for developing and emerging countries around the world. Under the special program they could offer a very low interest loan (as low as 2% to 7%) for the period of 5 to 25 years term. Interest rate and loan terms vary from country to country and loan amount requested.Also, LFC is proud to announce their ability to raise funds for Humanitarian Projects located in Developing Nations worldwide. Up to maximum 50% funds can be provided as a Grant and balance funds as a soft loan. The guarantee used as collateral should cover the principal loan amount plus interest.

The amount that will be granted as a grant is not required to be paid, as such the grant amount can be deducted from the total loan amount (interest plus principal) which borrower is supposed to repay, accordingly, guarantee should cover only the repayable loan amount (after grant deduction).Projects which can be considered for Humanitarian Funding (US$ 150 million minimum) would include the following:Hospitals & Health related projects

Urban & Rural Infrastructures DevelopmentLow Cost Affordable HousingEducationWater & Sewage, IrrigationAgricultural & Foods related projectsTransportations (Railways, Ports-Wharf etc)Any projects that create employment opportunities, increase communities’ standards of living, increase productivity and assist to boost country’s GDP, can be considered as a Humanitarian Project for funding.Low Cost Affordable Housing

Is a Private Lender & Investor (with offices in New York and London) with several investment accounts deposited on Major World Banks. From those accounts they do all the funding to private/government borrowers on a bank to bank basis with no maximum loan limit. Accordingly, there is less red tape and through their Group of professional and dedicated people, they can offer very attractive terms and conditions.

Loan Terms & Conditions:

Interest Rate : From 5% up to 12% per annum varies from country to country.


Grace Period : Up to project construction period. Exact grace period would be determined after source's review of project construction schedules.

 Repayment : Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly or up to loan term (capital + interest) as desired by borrower. Term : 5 to 25 years varies from country to country.


Total Consultant Fees/Lender Closing Costs including (but not limited to) project feasibility review, match making service, documents preparation, loan processing and consultation fee: No more than 6%.


Collateral / Security / Guarantee : (a) Bank Guarantee (b) Standby Letter of Credit (c) Bank Promissory Notes (d) Screenable Govt. Global Bonds (e) Central Bank Guarantee (payable at London or New York by their corresponding world prime bank) (f) US Treasury Bonds / Bills (g) CD (h) MTN's and (i) Safe Keeping Bank Receipt (SKR) of Precious Metal / Gold. Guarantee should cover loan principal + interest.

 Guarantee Issuer: The guarantee should be issued from one of the top rated Western-European / American banks. Guarantee may be issued by a reputable and top ranking local bank or Central Bank of the project country, such guarantee should be confirmed and made payable by their Western-European / American corresponding bank at the counter of their London or New York branch. Also, BG could be considered from top ranking local bank if BG is made payable at the counter of their OWN foreign branch in New York or London.

 Funds Disbursement: Since our source is not purchasing the instrument, funds can not be exchanged with BG. First tranche will be released within 30 to 45 banking days of receiving acceptable and authentic BG.

Most Frequently Asked Question:

Why use us LFC for financing your project and not the top world bank that is going to provide/issue you the Financial Instrument to be used as collateral for the loan?; there are various reasons for this:Due to the fact that LFC is a Private Lender/Investor, there is much less red tape and accordingly we can adapt rapidly to ever changing scenarios and close deals real fast; LFC keeps in touch with the qualified client on a daily basis (including weekends) by email or as required by the project's circumstances.

 Terms and Conditions could be in some cases better than the ones provided by top world banks. One client came to us with a US$100M project from Asia. A top world bank quoted them 5% interest and 7 years to repay loan; LFC made a preliminary quotation of 3% interest and 10-20 years for repayment. Another client came with a US$400M BG, they wanted the net proceeds for their project in one tranche, their world top bank said from 4 to 5 tranches, LFC offered funds in 1 to 2 tranches.

 Capital (loan principal) plus interest can be paid together in one bullet payment at the end of the loan term.


Should project be qualified as an Humanitarian Project as per above guidelines, LFC could offer a Grant to the client thus receiving much better terms and conditions.

 Total consultant fees/lender closing costs are only 4% of total loan amount payable to us when funding occurs, not before.; we succeed if the client gets the loan based primarily on submitting to LFC an acceptable and authentic Financial Instrument.Attention:Guarantee must be fully backed by Borrower’s assets (or country's Central Bank's assets where project is going to be developed) in order for LFC to consider capital request.

 Lender will not respond to borrower with a conditional letter of acceptance and/or confirmation of financial capability, stating that they will lend if the conditions of a satisfactory Guarantee is delivered, covering the loan amount with interest; this is Solicitation. Does your bank request a "proof of funds" from the Lender before they will issue the guarantee or any kind of letter of intent to guarantee? If so, the deal is over and you need to find a new bank. These institutions are attempting to use the lender funds to create guarantees, placing all risk on our lender. We therefore absolutely and completely reject any and all "proof of funds" deals.

 LFC are involved in the buying/selling/arrangement/facilitation of financial instruments. Borrower has to make their own arrangements in order to submit to us an acceptable guarantee as per above loan terms & conditions.

 We only accept capital requests from borrower or direct consultant to borrower; no broker chains!

 We cannot accept visits or calls from those who are looking to "discuss" or "sell" their project(s). All applicants must first meet compliance by duly following our Loan Submission Procedure below.

Loan Procedures


  1. Submit your project's details to or mail to our address below and we will do our best to review your capital needs and see if it could fit (on a preliminary basis) into LFC program. Should we be interested in your request, we will contact you and proceed with step # 2 below.

  2. Tell us what types of collateral or guarantee you can provide.

  3. LFC bank will verify the guarantee and if found authentic then funds will be provided in the form of Line of Credit to be disbursed to the borrower’s designated account by Lender’s bank as agreed.

  4. Submit all of this information to 

We look forward to assisting you with your capital needs as per above loan terms, conditions and procedures.

Note - Because of ever changing market conditions, terms and conditions of this Program are subject to change without notice.


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